Chip Quality Surveillance

Teknosavo has comprehensive experience of delivering systems for monitoring chip quality, which is key parameter for chipping and post processing management.

Chipsmart™ 2D

ChipSmart 2D was developed to measure chip quality in real time. The system consists of a camera and lighting unit installed above the chip conveyor and a PC unit including analysis software. The camera acquires image data from the chip flow and sends the data to the PC unit for a color analysis. The result shows chip quality data such as chip surface brightness, the extent of bark and other impurities in the chip flow, changes of chip surface moisture, chip thickness, changes of chip size classification and material volume flow on the chip conveyor.

The measurement data can be used for debarking control monitoring the condition of the chipper blades or purchased woodchip to avoid unnecessary disruptions later in the chip handling process. The data can be connected to the WoodSmart  process optimization system, in the wood room automatic main control system, or shown in the control room on a separate display.


Chipsmart™ 3D

ChipSmart 3D measures chip quality and dimensions in real time. The measuring device can be installed in many locations, for example near the chip pocket located after the chipper in the paper/pulp mill’s wood room, in the chip screening system, at the purchased chips reception facility, near the chip bin’s discharge conveyor at the chip refining plant, or near the pulp digester’s loading conveyor. The device can also be used to analyze manual samples or the quality of by-product chips sold at the sawmill.

The automatic sampler enables the extraction of representative samples from the main chip flow. The type of the sampler and treatment of the sample chips after measurement can be configured individually for each industrial end user. The ChipSmart 3D system consists of a chip classification unit placed above the measurement device’s own separate chip conveyor, a camera and optics unit, a touchscreen, and PC unit housing the analysis and maintenance software.


Chip size distribution (SCAN-CM 40:01)

  • Oversize chips
  • Over-thick chips
  • Larce accepts
  • Small accepts
  • Pin chips
  • Sawdust
  • Chip dimensions: Length, thickness, width


  • Extent of bark
  • Chip surface brightness
  • Chip moisture