High technology solutions

With Teknosavo's automation solutions, the wood processing can be optimized and the business upgraded to a new level.

Teknosavo's modern optimization systems create significant savings in raw material and energy costs. Our Finnish expertise in engineering technology accelerates and develop the production process. The number of wood that is being processed each year in the pulp mills is several million cubic meters per plant, whereby a reduction of up to 1% in raw material loss is a significant saving.



The innovative WoodSmart™ system is designed to optimize the entire debarking process. Teknosavo's modern technology system generates significant savings in energy and raw material costs and maximizes the quality of the entire production process from gate to a digester. The WoodSmart™ system features five Smart measuring instruments that monitor various aspects of the process in real-time. With laser and camera technology, based on carefully measured process variables, the system calculates the best values ​​for debarking. This ensures optimum driving performance, making production stable and efficient from one shift to another.